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I would like to do the next remake of this ride. The third instantiation was perfect and I keep the rout as is. It is not so long ride - just 160 miles and acceptable for intermediate riders. The chunks are not long enough: about 30-40 miles (1-1.5 hours of riding). No so twisty and hilly back roads. As I also found, mostly roads have low traffic and without traffic lights which is suitable for large group. I also optimized the route and we will avoid Frederickburg this time.

The meeting point is Food Mart, Leesburg ( which is convenient for VA riders and is suitable for the large group. I am planning to leave about 9:00-9:15AM. However, I will meet with MD riders on Shell, Darnestown ( about 8:00AM and we will follow thru River Rd and White Ferry to Leesburg. Let me know, if you wish to meet with me there and please do not be later. I also can meet somebody on White Ferry on both sides (8:30-8:40AM). I will check White Ferry before. It could be closed due high or low water. In this case we will ride thru Point of Rocks.

Note: the first chunk has about 5 miles gravel/unpaved road. It is wide enough and does not have traffic at all. Please consider your participation if you do not like/have skills to operate your bike on such roads.

All stopping points on the gasoline stations.

The lunch will be Dockside Restaurant ( It is on the dockside. It could serve the lagre group and has a few shelters on beach side. The food and service quality is excellent for the reasonable price (much cheaper than on Solomon Islands). The view is wonderful.

Last time the service was so slow, but I hope it is not usual for this restaurant - 2 previous time it was no any delay.

After the lunch we will head north to Washington DC. I hope we will be around 5:00PM there.

The ride is weather permitted.

I limited the number of riders by 25, We will ride in moderate style - not fast at all. So it is ok for a large enough group.

Links and Extra Info

One more meeting point (MD riders): Shell, Darnestown (

Stop I: Shell, 5059 Lee Highway Warrenton, VA

Stop II: Exxon, 1049 Courthouse Road, Stafford, VA

Lunch: Dockside Restaurant (, 1787 Castlewood Drive Colonial Beach, VA 22443

Final Stop: Exxon, 15797 Livingston Road Accokeek, MD

Route on Google (,-77.7096285+to:US-15+N%2FUS-29+N%2FLee+Hwy+to:38.75482,-77.70183+to:38.6872,-77.67667+to:38.53984,-77.61215+to:38.46561,-77.51864+to:Courthouse+Rd+to:38.39403,-77.37802+to:38.3570335,-77.3947635+to:38.3213036,-77.408656+to:38.315058,-77.4000577+to:38.2701909,-77.2722733+to:38.19345,-77.1563+to:38.1999098,-77.0737276+to:1787+Castlewood+Drive+Colonial+Beach,+VA+22443+to:38.46581,-77.02391+to:38.53348,-77.03591+to:38.62847,-77.01507+to:15797+Livingston+Road+Accokeek,+MD&hl=en&ll=38.664067,-77.332764&spn=1.063712,1.724854&sll=38.688324,-77.68055&sspn=0.13292,0.215607&geocode=FdZGVAId29Nf-w%3BFeTnUQIdxD5e-ym7Oip91222iTF9pCWpKZRnbg%3BFTqNTwIdPkBe-w%3BFQRaTwIdOl1e-ynPqTJYgGS2iTEzn-RTSGXRYQ%3BFeBRTgIdgr9e-ylX2YWtamK2iTEbdrzKi2rZNA%3BFUASTAIdirtf-ym_higbVIy2iTEZfrVPirDE1Q%3BFUrwSgId0Chh-ylVoMYfde22iTGKzx4XlAD6hA%3BFYxGSgIdOJpi-w%3BFa7YSQIdHE5j-ymtp_eH-OW2iTH3UlSedzQ5KQ%3BFSlISQIdtQxj-ymdnyzvkei2iTFkFkp0TdKYFg%3BFZe8SAIdcNZi-ykP7riTO-i2iTFQ4yWUikfV3w%3BFTKkSAIdB_hi-ynh-6VpGOi2iTFI5RkALDuung%3BFe70RwIdL-tk-ylRvi4dbd62iTG_tRxG_YmJdg%3BFSrJRgIdNLBm-ykBmomsLSe3iTHOoPpXamcj-Q%3BFWXiRgIdwfJn-ykXk5x6kSO3iTElVB_cKi1XIQ%3BFcVZRwIdjaJp-ylrPxpspz23iTFtyWsNih-myQ%3BFRLxSgIdWrVo-ymF2tLYcAW3iTGoF7UHbbNsYA%3BFWj5SwIdeoZo-ylLjg37aga3iTHZoB4BjOgLbw%3BFXZsTQId4tdo-ymXLT-Reai3iTHqy6Ff0z3Uxw%3BFacQTgIdo-to-ymfS1RzAqa3iTGwdLJ_FsrJFw&mra=dvme&mrsp=4&sz=13&via=1,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,16,17,18&t=m&z=10)