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It's gonna be in the 70s, let's ride!!

Michaux State Forest encompasses more than 85,000 acres in the South Mountain area of Cumberland, Franklin and Adams counties. Considered Pennsylvania's "cradle of forestry," Michaux is the site of first forestry school, Mont Alto. The forest is named for the French botanist, Andre Michaux, who discovered and named many plants in the 18th century.

Kickstands up 10:00 AM, try not to come on kickstands up time. We'll probably back near 270/70 Hwy by 6:00 PM

Fair warning, I ride a fast paced ride for most of the trip, but I will wait for you.

Ride Rules:

1. Ride 70% of your skill level to leave room for error. I will wait for you at the end of the road before turning, and at forks, so take your time.

2. New riders in the back, experienced riders in the front.

3. Do not Tail gate

4. Follow the single/staggered signal by the ride leader.

5. When the person in front of you passes a car on the back roads, do not assume you have the same space, do not follow right away unless the road is clear and open.

6. If the rider in front of you goes down, do not look at the fallen rider, ride around the rider and his or her bike, so that you don't run over the rider.

7. Pay attention to the road, look for road hazards such as gravel spots, tar snakes, black ice, pot holes, animals, etc.

8. Do your best in being skillful in emergency situations, don't just give up.

9. Be courteous to one other on the road.

10. Slow down before sharp turns, blind hills, and blind corners.

11. Do not pass the ride leader for your safety and the ride leader's as well.

12. In entering main roads from an intersection, do not assume the turn signal on a car who has the right of way is true, wait for the car to turn before crossing the street.

13. Have fun and enjoy!

Ride your own pace, we'll wait for you at turns and forks, never feel you have to keep up.

Disclaimer: by attending this event, you acknowledge that Patrick Asis is not responsible for any tickets, fines, damages, injuries, or deaths that may occur during this trip, and you agree to photographed and videoed on this event.

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