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City Park Slow Pace Intermediate-Level Ride

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For those who haven't ridden City Park, it is definitely not a beginner-friendly trail. It was originally designed for off-road motorcycles, so it basically goes straight up the bluff, then straight down, then straight up again many times over the course of 6-7 miles. Most of the obstacles take the form of ledges about a foot high (often in sequence with other similar ledges.) Most of the ledges are rollable if you have the right body position, but a few are a bit taller (approaching 2' in some cases) or steeper and require hucking. That being said, although the climbs and drops are intermediate to advanced (if you can't ride Endo Valley at Walnut, then you probably don't want to try this trail), there is some nice, smooth trail in between them for recovery, and none of the climbs are super long. That's why I tend to prefer CP this time of year as opposed to the seemingly continuous rock gardens of Barton Creek Canyon.

I'm a technical rider, but I don't ride particularly fast, especially in the heat, so I'll be making plenty of stops to gasp for air and/or to session the various obstacles. I typically clean most of the drops out there but am inconsistent on the climbs. This will be a good ride for experienced riders who, like me, are looking to get back into shape or to work on technical skills. This is a no-drop ride (within reason-- we need to finish in 2 hours, since it will start getting dark. There is a good bailout point halfway through if you're really struggling.) Walk whatever you don't feel like riding.


• Mountain bike in good working order -- disc brakes and full suspension recommended

• Helmet required

• You might want to bring elbow and/or kneepads if you plan to go big.

• CamelBak or other hydration backpack (recommend filling half full of ice and half full of water.) 3-liter carrying capacity recommended unless you're in really good shape

• Gloves

• Spare inner tube & tire pump if you aren't riding tubeless (City Park is Pinch Flat City)

• Inflater and CO2 cartridges if you're riding tubeless

Since this is the first event I've posted with this Meetup, I feel like I should introduce myself. I'm the founder and organizer of Austin Adventure Network (a 2200-member group that does mainly intermediate to advanced hiking), and I've been leading outdoors events for about 10 years. I've been an avid cross-country mountain biker for 13 years and particularly enjoy techie trails like the ones around Moab-- that is not to say I'm particularly good at any of them, but I enjoy them. :) I've been to quite a few of the Tuesday Greenbelt rides over the past couple of years (I'm usually the one who self drops after two miles.)

Meet at 6:15 in the parking lot. Wheels down at 6:30. Text me if you'll be late.