Canceled Meetup

Thursday Happy Hour Ride

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If the weather holds let's try to sneak one more ride in this week. Summer will be gone before you know it and we'll be longing for long days to bike after work. Bring food and beer to share while you catch up with old friends and makes some new ones. Everyone is welcome, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

Please remember trail Etiquette:

- Downhill riders yield to uphill riders!

1. This is an unsupported ride, which means that you should have experience on a mountain bike. You should be prepared to fix your bike, find your way back to the parking lot, and ride solo if it comes to that. This ride will not have a dedicated "sweeper." If you're worried about riding alone, think about bringing a friend or posting a note on the site before the ride.

2. If you don't know the trail, you should carry a map or directions.

3. A helmet is required, and we strongly encourage you to bring a cell phone and water.

4. You should have a bike tool, pump and spare tubes — and of course know how to use them