Canceled Meetup

southern Kings Canyon N.P. backpacking


A 3-day, 55-mile, on-trail loop in SeKi, going over a couple 10k+ passes that probably won't require more than gaiters. Details will be shared with participants. Bear cans highly recommended. I'm allowing for a mid-day departure so that we can get a campsite on this busy weekend and maybe pick up the permit. Group size would be no more than six.

If I haven't hiked with you, you need to answer the RSVP questions when signing up. (I believe that if you sign up via mobile, you may not see the questions. Try using a desktop browser.) I move people off the waitlist manually.


• SeKi topo (,-118.6&z=10&b=t&o=r&n=0.25)

• representative weather (

• webcam (, legend ([masked],[masked]&e=6&t=&z=5&c=-6.23,67.98)


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