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Trinity Alps 4-Lakes Loop via Granite Lake

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The trip I'm suggesting is the Granite Lake-Bear Basin loop, and including the Four Lakes loop. Total distance will be about 25 miles with about 5-6000 feet elevation change (up and down). It's unlikely that we would encounter more than a few small isolated patches of snow this time of year, but there are brushy areas, fallen trees and creek crossings. And of course it's bear and lion country, so everyone should have a bear canister. I believe they can be rented at the ranger station. Permits are required, so it's necessary to have an exact count of hikers.

Day 1: We start at the Swift Creek TH (4200 ft) and hike to Granite Lake (6000 ft) to camp there the first night.

Day 2: Our destination will be to camp at one of the lakes in the Four Lakes area. This will be the toughest day. The first leg that day involves a climb from about 6000 ft to about 7500 ft. There's a reported brushy section on that leg, but other than that it's just a good steep climb. After crossing the Seven-up Ridge on the south side of Seven-up Peak we go all the way back down to about 6200 ft at Deer Creek, and then on to the Four Lakes region (which is back up at 7000-7500 feet elevation).

The Four Lakes loop is 6 to 8 miles long at an elevation of 7000 ft., plus and/or minus. There are many opportunities for photography here, as well as summiting Siligo Peak, fishing, or even swimming in one of the lakes (although the water might be a little cool). Many points afford exceptional views of the entire Trinity Alps region, the Castle Crags, the Sawtooths, and Thompson Peak (the highest peak in the Trinities), as well as Mount Shasta and Lassen Peak. According to one of the rangers I spoke with, the sunsets at Diamond Lake are absolutely spectacular. It sounds like it would certainly be worth hanging out in this area for a while if time allows. Wild flowers should still be plentiful in some areas,

Day 3 and 4: We complete the Four Lakes loop, then down to and along Deer Creek on the west side of Seven Up Peak. From Deer Creek, we again climb about 1000 feet through Blacks Basin and up over the pass on the north side of Seven-Up Peak. From here it's all downhill, following the Bear Basin Trail along Bear Creek, and then down the Swift Creek Trail back to the cars.

Although the details of this trip are not carved in stone, the dates I've selected are the only ones open on my schedule. I'm hoping to have up to 5 additional people join.

In order to minimize no-shows, I'm asking that you submit a payment of $15 when you RSVP. This amount is fully refundable, less costs. And because this will be a moderately strenuous trip, I am asking that you share some previous experience when you RSVP.

A map of the whole trinity national recreation area can be downloaded at the following link. It's a large file, so please be patient while it downloads. Once it's downloaded to your computer, you can zoom into any area with Adobe Acrobat or similar software.

And this is a JPEG snapshot of the area that we're covering...

And here's a superb write-up (with nice pictures) of the Four Lakes Loop, the cherry of our trip!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me. Peter Biskup

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