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Do you feel like your life has gone off track, that it hasn't worked out the way you imagined? Perhaps you don't even know what your life is supposed to be like, just not this. Maybe you know what you want in life, but you don't know how to get there. If any of these thoughts are running through your mind, you are definitely not alone.

Move Forward has returned after a 5 year hiatus to bring together people who are tired of living a life that falls short of what it should be, and are ready to change that trajectory. Is changing the course of your life scary? You bet it is! Especially, if you are trying to do it alone.

Move Forward provides a safe, supportive, non-judgmental place to dispel the burden of scariness and self-doubt. We gently hold you accountable for promises you have made to yourself. We listen to your fears and vulnerabilities, so we can recognize the same fears and vulnerabilities in ourselves, and offer understanding and paths to address them. We emphasize making situation-specific plans to overcome obstacles and taking action to carry out those plans.

Move Forward demands strict confidentiality of all conversation during the meetings. The safety of the space we create hinges on this.

Move Forward is not a place to get easy advice or "never-fail" techniques. We believe every life is different, so every approach to changing one's life must be tailored to one's uniqueness. This is more difficult to achieve than formulaic instruction, but it lets each person control who he/she wants to become and how quickly he/she gets there.

We are not a group of personal cheerleaders. Yes, we encourage all members as they struggle along their new life paths, but that encouragement is not simply empty praise. It comes when each member gets up after being knocked down. We encourage effort, not results or good intensions.

We use a discussion format around topics that the group chooses at each previous meeting. Conversations tend to wander into unexpected directions, which, sometimes, is where our most profound lessons come from. My role, as leader, is to keep the meeting from turning into a gripe session. When that starts to happen, someone will ask, "So, what do you want to do about that?" Complaining gets rewarded with a plan to take action.

If you've had enough of living a life that is going nowhere or in the wrong direction, and you are ready to take on the risk of changing, you have a place in Move Forward. Please join us and give yourself the gift of control and happiness.

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Why Do We See Ourselves Differently From What Others See?

NOTICE: THE NEXT MEETING WILL BE 4 WEEKS AFTER THE LAST ONE, INSTEAD OF 2. We've lived with ourselves all our lives. We should know ourselves better than anyone else knows us. Yet, so often, we find out that others see us very differently than we see ourselves. Who's version is correct? Usually, others have a more positive view of us than we have of ourselves. Why is our impression so negative? What if the others are right and we are better people than we think we are? What would life be like if we weren't so hard on ourselves? What would it be like to take credit for being a good, valuable, respected person? Come talk about these questions at our next meeting.

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