• Everybody knows

    MK2 Odeon

  • Foxtrot

    MK2 Beaubourg

  • Wes Anderson, Isle Of Dogs (L'île aux chiens)

    Let's try to revitalize this meetup group with Wes Anderson! The cinema hall opens at 19:45, so let's meet at 19:30 to buy tickets and to introduce ourselves. After the movie we can have a drink in a brasserie nearby.

  • 3 Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri

    MK2 Odeon

    Kind of last minute proposal for the ones who, like me, have not yet managed to watch this movie. Let's be there at 19:30 so we can queue and enter the cinema by 19:35. After the movie we can go for a drink in the Odéon area.

  • Moonlight

    MK2 Odeon

    Kind of last minute proposal for this movie about the life of a black young man living in a difficult neighborhood of Miami. Let's be there at 19:30 so we can queue and enter the cinema by 19:40. If you arrive after 19:30 you will probably find me already in the queue, and after 19:40 already inside the cinema. After the movie we can go for a drink in the Odéon area.

  • Moi, Daniel Blake

    UGC Danton

    Dear Paris Movies Junkies, Let's go and see the 2016 Palme d'Or! We will meet in front of the movie theater from 7.45pm (the showing starts at 8pm). I will carry a Paris Movie Junkies flask to be recognized. Looking forward to seeing you! Jean-François

  • Julieta - Almodovar, at UGC Odéon

    Location visible to members

    For all of you who haven't seen yet the last Almodovar movie, here's the chance to go with the group! Lights go off at 17:30, so let's meet before and enter the cinema at some 17:20. We can go for a drink afterwards.

  • Spotlight

    MK2 Bastille

    Hello wonderful movie junkies! Happy New Year! New year, new film season; it's coming up to the Oscars and Spotlight ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1895587/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1) is right up there fighting for the main prizes. This time we'll meet at the Mk2 Bastille, for a change, and the idea is to have a drink after the film and discuss the film. You'll find me outside the cinema after the screening, I'll be in a grey coat, big curly hair, waiting for everyone before we move on to a cafe/bar. It'll be great! Looking forward to seeing you all, new and old junkies ;)

  • Dheepan

    MK2 Odeon

    Hello film-fans! It's been a while, but not forgotten. I'm scheduling in this meet-up for the back-to-shool-period and for the film that won the Palme d'Or at Cannes this year by the great director Audiard. Looking forward to seeing you, we'll traditionally go for a drink afterwards! Matylda PS. The film is not in English (or rather, most of it isn't)

  • Taxi Teheran (VO)

    Location visible to members

    A movie from Iran. His author, Jafar Panahi, was forbidden by Iran authorities to make movies in public places. So, after some years of thinking how to overcome this ban, he ended up pretending to be a taxi driver and filming the actors inside "his" taxi. Let's hope he will not be punished to jail for this movie! The movie starts at 20 (well, lights go off in the cinema at 20...) so let's meet at about 19:45 in front of the cinema, in the queue for the movie, with already the ticket. After the movie we can go chatting about it in a bar or similar in the surrounding area.