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ONE MAN UP March 10 Monday @ 7:30 pmB


Paolo Sorrentino’s first film--Never Released in the US!

A truly special treat: literally thousands in the Burns community have reveled in Paolo Sorrentino’s visionary epic The Great Beauty. And they’ve wondered, who is this director and where did it all come from? When Sorrentino came to Burns last week for an evening with Jonathan Demme, he graciously promised to send us a print of his first film, One Man Up, which also stars the incredible Tony Servillo. We are so excited to bring you this unique opportunity to see a film that was never released in the US.

Set in the 80's, One Man Up is the story of Tony Pisapia (Toni Servillo) and his younger brother, Antonio (Andrea Renzi), who have each risen to the peak of their chosen professions. But a few years down the line both men are experiencing hard times, ultimately learning firsthand about the cruel twists of fame and fortune.

Paolo Sorrentino. 2001. 103 m. NR. Italy, Italian with subtitles. N/A.

Let's meet at Starbucks before the movie between 6:15 and 7:00 pm

Please note there is a $1.00 event fee. Please bring exact change to give to the organizer. The event fee is to help defray the cost of meet up. You must purchase your ticket online or at the Burns box office, it's $7 for members and $12 for nonmembers

Please note that WE MEET AT THE MEMBERSHIP DESK BEFORE THE FILM. After the film we will meet again in the lobby. When you enter the Burns lobby go to the left it is by the stairs. If you do not meet at the desk then look for me in the lobby afterwards. If you can not locate the membership desk, please ask any member of the Burns staff for the membership desk. Please do not ask them for the meet up group as we are not part of the Burns staff but a film group that meets at the Burns. There are only 3 counters/desks in the lobby at the Burns, the membership desk is the one by the stairs and is NOT the one not selling popcorn or tickets.

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