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Hi Everyone:

For our new members: Welcome! So glad you found us.

As a reminder: We don't all see the same movie. Instead, we find one or two people who want to see the movie, save seats, sit together, hold drinks/popcorn so your seat-mate can get settled, etc., and then afterwards, meet at a local restaurant to discuss what we saw. (restaurant location is listed at the end of this email).

We're also sort of easy to find: we're the ones with the happy faces and asking things like 'is this the movie group', 'what are you going to see?'...all the time trying to stay out of the way of the other movie attendees.

Here is a real quick / short list of movies for this weekend; for a more detailed summary of each one, please check out The Little's website.

The types of movies @ The Little are: intense, intense, intense, kind of bizzare and I don't know.

I'm returning to the Rochester area from enjoying a nice, relaxing week on Cape Cod (beautiful weather by the way), so no intense movies for me.

First up: Whiplash @ 6:30 p.m.,Theatre #1 - this film is generating a lot of Oscar buzz. Young man wants to be The Best Drummer and is pushed to and beyond his limits by his mentor, played by J.K. Simmons. You'll never watch another ad for Farmer's Insurance the same way after watching his performance.

Next: Birdman @ 6:40 p.m., Theatre #2: saw this while on vacation. Let's see, what can I say....bizzare, extreme, dark, head-scratching, and yes, there is a message in the movie, somewhere. At the end of the movie, my theatre seat-mates said things like, " what the heck was that?", "huh?", and 'Michael Keaton looks pretty buff for a 62 year old...'.

Third: CitizenFour @ 6:50 p.m., Theatre #3: real life thriller staring Edward Snowden, NSA, Hong Kong and you-know-who.

Fourth: Rosewater @ (forgot to write down the time), Theatre #5: film based on the NY Times best seller: Then They Came For Me, re a BBC journalist.

Fifth: St. Vincent @ 7:10 p.m., Theatre#4 (i'm counting on this one to be 'lighter' than the others) - Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy. I've heard a few good reviews - some have said the plot is contrived but the performances are good.

At any rate - these all should generate a lot of great conversation when we gather after the movie @ East/West Restaurant on East Avenue. (They are expecting us!)

What movie caught your attention?

Looking forward to seeing everyone Saturday night. :-)



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