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Cinema Slapdown: "Shame"

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Columbia College finishes out its fall semester with the final 2012 installment of its Cinema Slapdown series. For those unfamiliar with the series, they first hold a free screening of a controversial movie (such as "2001", "Melancholia", "Happiness", or "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"). Afterwards two guest lecturers go on stage and have a raucous argument over how amazing or terrible the film really is. It's moderated by a professor in a referee outfit, and the conversation expands to debate between the lecturers and the audience members themselves! It's a fun and exciting look at what's remarkable about each film.

This session will be screening "Shame", a 2011 film featuring a fearless role by Michael Fassbender as a man dealing with an all-encompassing sexual compulsion. Is it an insightful look at denial and obsession, or just an excuse to gawk at the dysfunction in full view? At the Cinema Slapdown, you'll get to hear both sides (and present your own).

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