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Dir: Bruno Dumont

Year: 2009

Country: France

Language: French/Arabic with subtitles

Length: 105 mins

Cast: Julie Sokolowski, Yassine Salime, Karl Sarafidis, David Dewaele, Brigitte Mayeux-Clerget

Format: Digital

The extraordinary, beautiful Hadewijch follows Céline (Julie Sokolowski), a young novice nun expelled from her convent for over-zealousness, who returns to her parents in Paris. Here she meets Yassine, an Arab boy, who introduces her anew to Paris, and to a different way of life.

Céline's all-consuming love for God, her unease around her haut-bourgeois parents, and her encounter with Yassine and his brother Nassir, a devout Muslim, lead her along a profoundly dangerous path