The original Aug 23rd Kayak for a Cure Columbus 2014 event was cancelled due to the reconstruction along the Scioto river downtown.
Now WE are going to host Kayak for a Cure Columbus 2014 on Saturday September 20th. We are obtaining permission from Alum Creek State Park about 20 miles north of downtown Cbus for this event. More details will be released soon. WE are hoping to have a wildly successful event to support a wonderful cause that impacts so many people!
SpongeBob ;-)

To pull off this event in a professional manner, it is going require numerous volunteers from our generous kayaking community. Email me privately with your contact info IF you wish to volunteer and be part of the team. In your private email, enlighten me of your special talents, life experiences and ideas. Just stepping-up is one special talent! ;-)

The DAYTON Kayak for a Cure 2014 event was cancelled, BUT several of the Dayton event sponsors are eager to co-sponsor the Columbus 2014! Kudos to them! Express your gratitude verbally and with your hard earned money when you go shopping for a boat &/or gear... let our sponsors know that you greatly appreciate their support.

Our Kayak for a Cure Columbus 2014 is open to all kayakers, canoes and SUP regardless of skill level from all over central Ohio, Dayton, Springfield, Chillicothe, Newark, Zanesville, Mansfield, Athens, Middletown, Cincinnati... open to everybody. WE can possibly make this event one of the largest K4Cure in the country. Please hold open this Saturday September 20th date and spread the word!

The registration fees will be announced soon. T-shirts (will need to know your size) will be included. For those who do not own a boat, rental kayaks (solo & a limited number of tandems), canoes plus stand-up paddle boards will be available for rent on a first come, first served basis with paid registration. Families participating in this event will receive a discount. Younger children may need to be accompanied by an adult... at our discretion.