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Turkey Run= Paddle, Hike and Camp!!!!

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Sandra S.
Turkey Run= Paddle, Hike and Camp!!!!



This event is provided for informational purposes only and is not associated with Ohio Paddlers. Ohio Paddlers is not used for organizing this event and is not responsible for the content. Please sign up for this third-party event through the link below.

We will be traveling to Marshall, IN!
Turkey Run State Park is located about 5 miles southwest of Shades State Park. Both parks are located along Sugar Creek, and both feature a gorge system formed by the drainage of the creek as it cuts down through sandstone bedrock. Mansfield sandstone is the specific type seen at Turkey Run, named after Mansfield, Indiana. Travel between the two parks crosses a flat glacial till plain and enters the gorge system. The Punchbowl on Turkey Run's Trail 3 is an example of a pothole that was scoured out by glacial erratics caught in swirling backwash. During the Pleistocene Epoch, glacial meltwaters and their associated erosion carved the Mansfield sandstone bedrock into its distinct, present-day formations. Turkey Run's terrain also includes many common features of glaciation such as glacial erratics, till, and scoured canyons caused by erosion from melting glacial waters.

To attend click on the link and sign up on that meet up.

Camping : We will be camping at Turkey Run State park
Everyone is responsible to book your own camp site. Get with a friend and share a site. We will be in the far left in the rear loop # 231 to 256. There is a pit toilet and water close. Campgrounds does have hot showers and flush toilets.
Booking window for our dates will open This Thursday October 26th!
Must book as soon as possible to ensure your site. It will be the opening season for Mushroom Hunting so the sites will go quickly.

Detailed Itinerary will be posted closer to April.
Paddling and hiking.
Hiking: Beautiful Trails!
There are 11 main trails ranging from Easy to Very Rugged.
Possible paddles :
Darlington Covered Bridge to Crawfordsville = 11 miles
Crawfordsville to Deer Mill Covered Bridge = 15 miles
Deer Mill Covered Bridge to Cox Ford Covered Bridge = 14 miles
Cox Ford Covered Bridge to West Union Covered Bridge = 11 miles
We will be self shuttling for the paddles.

A boat that tracks well would be ideal, but not necessary. You will be required to wear a PFD so bring it, put it on, and be happy we care about you.
• What to Bring
PFD (required) and all your Spring-weather stuff...sun hat / water / sun screen / bug spray, lights, dry clothes, dry shoes, and safety equipment. Food and water. Bring a towel as to respect the vehicle owner in which you share a shuttle.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a wild creek and as such, there may be strainers, and obstacles that may require portage.
Paddles will be cancelled in the event of inclement weather or unsuitable river conditions.
We will be doing group meals:
Lunches will be on the water or the trail.
We will do themed dinners. TBD later.
Dogs - I love Dogs! Dogs are always welcome with respect to all others, specially during meals times and be on a 6ft leash.

To attend click on the link and sign up on that meet up.

No Guests! All must sign up!
Liability Waiver – As always, by joining in
this event you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to abide by the Ohio Paddlers liability waiver. All attendees are responsible for their own safety not holding any responsibility to the trip organizer. Trip Organizer has the right to refuse or reject someone from their trip at anytime with no refunds. With this in mind, please remember that I am not your guide. I am a fellow paddler that is offering notice of a group of friends that are gathering to share in ride-share to enable a fun day on the water for all. I love you guys, but I love my family more.
SAFETY SIGN IN: Everyone will sign in before paddle
launching: your name, Emergency contact person and phone number.
If you have any Questions text or call 5132831184

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