Cosmos Db Multi-Master Replication: True Global Database

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Cosmos is Azure's NoSQL Database as a Service, born in the cloud and designed take advantage of the flexibility, elasticity and global reach of cloud computing.

One of the main differentiating features of Cosmos Db is the built-in replication capabilities that were part of the core design of the product. Cosmos Db not only makes it easy to replicate data across the globe but offers multi-master capabilities on sites separated by thousands of kilometers. Coupled with several options for dealing with conflicts as well as consistency guarantees, it is the easiest to use, most reliable and fastest database system that can create a true global database.

In this session we will go through the basic concepts involved with Cosmos Db geo-replication, conflict handling mechanisms and application code needed to deploy a real global database with multi-master databases across the planet. All with demos to show the feature in action.

Speaker: Warner Chaves

His Biography and activities can be found here: