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Every 2nd Sunday of the month until March 9, 2019

Fantasy Flight Games

1975 W County Rd B2 · Roseville, MN

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Table 1 Scenario: 9-01 Cost of Enlightenment
Tier 1-5 GM: Dylan (FULL)
Players: Lawrence (1-4), Dan (1, 4), Tony (2-5), Zane (3, 5), Tim (1-3), Declan (2)
The Qadiran city of Qaharid is famous for its turquoise mines and fine pottery, yet it is also the center of worship for the monks of the White Feather. Most recently, the cult of Roidira has identified Qaharid as a pilgrimage city, and the once innocuous cultists have begun exhibiting truly strange behaviors. Society contacts recognize these actions as a sign that the Roidirans have uncovered some extraordinary secret in the wilderness nearby, and it fall to the PCs to speak with witnesses and track down the cult's discovery.

Table 2 Scenario: 4-23 Rivalry's End
Tier 3-7 GM: Jeff C (Full)
Players: Kimberly (), Connor, Beau (), Patrick (7), Paige (3), Darren (7)
The Pathfinder Society's conflict with the Aspis Consortium in the frontier region of Varisia has come to a head, and the time to secure dominance of the ancient land is now. But despite mounting victories on the Society's part, the Aspis Consortium still has a few tricks up its sleeves, including several powerful agents from the Pathfinders' past who could prove too challenging an obstacle to surmount. Can the PCs end the ongoing struggle for control of the flow of ancient Thassilonian artifacts out of Varisia's ports, or will the Aspis Consortium succeed in keeping the Pathfinder Society ever in its shadow as it profits on the exploitation of the millennia?

This game day is set to run the 2nd and 4th Sunday every month with scenarios being posted usually a month in advance. Games officially start at 12pm, but GMs show up early to set up and help those needing it. If you wish to GM, please let a host know.