How to Start IoT projects on Azure - Christopher Maneu

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Join us for yet another virtual meetup.

How to start IoT Projects with Christopher Maneu

Location: MS Teams

Topic - How to start IoT Projects on Azure with Christopher Maneu

You have an idea oo how to create an IoT project from scratch, or adding some IoT to an existing project?

Come join this introduction session about IoT.

Discover how to get started creating IoT solutions without writing any code or solder anything. Then, see how you can code and integrate IoT projects into a bigger application.

Speaker Bio: Christopher Maneu

Christopher is a Startup Cloud Advocate at Microsoft acting as an advisor between startup developer communities and the product teams at Microsoft.

As the Lead IoT Advocate for EMEA Region, he is focusing on IoT startups and teams, helping them graduating from prototypes to large scale deployments, and ensuring Azure has the best experience for them.

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