What we're about

Published September 2014, More Than Two (http://morethantwo.com) is a comprehensive, practical guide to honestly, consensually non-monogamous intimate relationships. Written by Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickert, More Than Two (MT2) covers the basics and the nuances of polyamory.

What's special about this guide to poly/open relationships is that it's strongly grounded in ethics, personal responsibility -- and in learning good skills for managing yourself, choosing partners well, making decisions, negotiating and collaborating, thinking in terms of relationship networks, and handling relationship transitions.

This group will include a monthly meeting in Boulder, Colorado as well as online discussion among members through this group's bulletin board. Each month we'll choose a chapter to read and discuss, and we'll work through the questions suggested at the end of each chapter as well as other questions group members propose.

Members who cannot attend the monthly meetings are still welcome to participate in the online forum.

To participate in this group, you'll need a copy of the book. It's available from some independent local bookstores (http://www.indiebound.org/book/9780991399703)as well as online from Powell's (http://www.powells.com/biblio/61-9780991399703-0) and Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/More-Than-Two-practical-polyamory/dp/0991399706/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1410115425&sr=8-1&keywords=more+than+two) -- as well as from many local libraries.

This group is not just for poly people. It's for anyone who likes to think deeply about intimate relationships, personal ethics, and living and acting with integrity. It's for anyone who cares to consider or explore nontraditional options for intimate relationships. We strive to make this an inclusive discussion, tolerating a wide variety of perspectives -- just be willing to discuss the ethical underpinnings for your viewpoints, preferences and choices.

If you're interested in more general discussions about polyamory, not specifically focused on this book, we encourage you to attend the weekly Boulder Polyamory Meetup (https://www.meetup.com/boulderpoly/).

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