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Microsoft Tech Talks is a Technical Community event designed to bring IT leaders in the local area together for deep technical discussions and an opportunity to network and share with both local Microsoft Services Professionals, and other IT professionals in the area.

This event is hosted at the Microsoft Office in Ottawa (although selected venue may vary so please check each event) , where we will focus solely on Microsoft technologies. We have a huge pool of subject matter experts who have deep experience to cover nearly every product that Microsoft offers including Windows, Exchange, SQL, Office 365, Azure and much more. Our Microsoft Services presenters are world-class Subject Matter Experts and trusted advisors to our highly-valued customers. Our meetings are a great opportunity to 'ask the experts' the questions that you have always wanted to ask about their given field of expertise. Subjects will vary from session to session and will attempt to be at the leading edge showcasing our latest features and products available. Check out all our MTTs here: http://aka.ms/mtt

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MTT | You didn't get hacked - now what?

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[ENGLISH] Microsoft Tech Talks - "You didn't get hacked - now what?" (1pmMT)

Security Incident Management is more than just patching - it requires a solid understanding of how technology intersects business processes; staff with specialized skillsets; and documented, practiced procedures for how to perform investigations and what tools to use. This webinar will go over how to proactively prepare for critical situations to help optimize your incident response capabilities and minimize the impacts of security incidents.

Presented By
Scott Brondel
Senior Customer Engineer
Senior Customer Engineer specializing in Active Directory, as well as both cloud and on-premises security technologies. With over 20 years of experience in the field, he works as a dedicated Platforms and Cybersecurity engineer as well as delivering many security-related assessments and workshops to customers. He also helps develop new Microsoft services and content. In his spare time, he is a mentor to a local community team of students that compete in the global FIRST Robotics Championship.

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MTT - Threat Hunting (French)

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Register at: https://aka.ms/MTTCAN04Nov

When it comes to Threat Hunting, are you confused about which solutions and portals to use for which scenarios? For our next Microsoft Tech Talks session on November 4, Damien Fauve will present on Threat Hunting in Defender 365 or Sentinel - When to use one or the other. He will illustrate with examples of attacks, how to use the different features available to detect and respond efficiently to threats. Please use the attached customer-ready template to invite your customers if you think they would benefit. We would love to have you join us, too. Note that this event will be delivered in French.

J’aimerais vous inviter à participer à notre prochaine conférence Microsoft Tech-Talk.

Repérage des menaces dans Defender 365 ou Sentinel – Quand utilisé l’un ou l’autre?

Cet évènement est entièrement gratuit !

Résumé de l'événement:
“Devriez-vous utiliser Defender 365 ou Sentinel pour rechercher des menaces potentielles?”

L'objectif de cette session est de démystifier les différents portails et solutions de sécurité Microsoft et de présenter les capacités de recherche avancée pour détecter les indicateurs de compromis. Plusieurs exemples d'attaques seront utilisés pour montrer comment utiliser les différentes fonctionnalités disponibles pour détecter et répondre efficacement aux menaces.

ORDRE DU JOUR DE L'ÉVÉNEMENT: (Heure normale de l’Est HNE)
11:00am - 11:10am Accueil
11:10am - 12:10pm Évènement principal
12:10pm - 2:30pm Questions/Réponses

Damien Fauve est un ingénieur client senior spécialisé en sécurité et identité chez Microsoft Canada. Il travaille pour Microsoft depuis 11 ans ou il a commencé en tant que PFE dans Active Directory. Sa mission principale est d'améliorer la posture de sécurité des clients canadiens.

Register at: https://aka.ms/MTTCAN04Nov

MTT - Microsoft 365 & Azure Defender

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Register at: https://aka.ms/mttM365AZD

By leveraging the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph, Threat Protection services provide intelligence and integration across organization’s entire threat protection stack to help address biggest security concerns like:

Gaining the ability to protect your business from advanced cyber-attacks.

Having the capability to help detect suspicious behavior within the organization.

Developing processes and having the tools to quickly respond to threats which enable damage control and limit the effects from an attack.

With the ability to protect, detect, and respond, to the growing and evolving cyber threat landscape, organizations can immediately enjoy greater security and focus on tasks which are fundamental to the business rather than worry about being impacted by a cyber-attack.

Presented By
Rushi Faldu

Sr. Technical Specialist at Microsoft enabling customers and partners to help secure their environment with Microsoft Cyber security solutions. Rushi covers Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection stacks for Enterprise customers. Rushi has been with Microsoft for over fifteen years. He is also an author of Troubleshooting Configuration Manager and Configuration Manager Field Experience eBooks.

Register at: https://aka.ms/mttM365AZD

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MTT | Azure Enterprise-scale Landing Zones

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