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What we’re about

Welcome to our local #MultiFamilyMasters real estate meetup group where we connect and educate individuals on the benefits of multifamily apartment investing & passive income.

MultiFamilyMasters has 75+ meetups across the USA and our goal is to provide as much value as possible while hosting both local meetups and online Zoom events.

Please Join our large content-driven FREE Facebook group where we have close to 10,000 members and we are constantly providing industry news, tips, & tricks, and other valuable resources for investors who purchase or invest in commercial real estate.

We have also thrown real estate conferences with 350+ attendees and we offer a mastermind that teaches the ins & outs of apartment investing.

This group is only as great as its members, feel free to add value, ask questions, and as always, network! network!! network!!!

Visit our website to learn more about us.

And we would like to extend a special thank you to our official sponsor & sister company; investNOWcapital, where we teach the benefits of passive investing while also offering high-return real estate investments.

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