München Jenkins Area Meetup (November 2018)

München Jenkins Area Meetup
München Jenkins Area Meetup
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Please join us for our next meetup.


• 17:30 Welcome gathering, food and drinks

• 18:00 Static Analysis Plugins - White Mountain Release for Pipelines (Ullrich Hafner)

Topics that this talk will cover:
- New features to create highly configurable pipelines that gather static analysis results
- New responsive UI that is a joy to use (by utilizing modern JS frameworks)
- New parser API that supports almost 100 analysis tools

• 18:30 Jenkins X: Continuous Applications Delivery for Kubernetes (Cosmin Cojocar)


This talk will introduce you to a new open source project Jenkins X which is a CI/CD platform for Kubernetes based on Jenkins. After a short introduction, we will spend most of the talk demonstrating how to develop applications with CI/CD on Kubernetes:

- Easy setup your CI/CD system on your Kubernetes cluster using
standard tools like: Helm, skaffold, GitHub and Jenkins
- Quickly create new microservices using pre-defined quickstarts or import existing projects with automated CI/CD
- Use Pull Requests to trigger CI, Preview Environments, human approval then a full CD release
- Use automated promotion to Stating and Production environments via Helm charts and GitOps
- Development workflow with DevPods, Visual Studio Code and Jenkins X

• 20:30 Networking