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What we’re about

This meetup group is designed for folks interested in stream processing. We welcome data engineers, software developers, data scientists, and anyone interested in stream processing use cases.

This community isn’t about technology for technology’s sake. We’re here to better understand when and how to use stream processing — and that means sometimes saying stream processing isn’t the right approach for a certain use case. In the end, we’re investigating better ways to handle the massive volume and velocity of data that’s streaming in from IoT devices and digital experiences every day.

Whether you’ve been processing data on a message broker like Kafka for a while, or you’re simply stream-curious, you’re welcome to join.

We will meet in-person and online. You can join us on Slack -

We're always on the lookout for speakers. If you have something to say about stream processing, please reach out! We're especially open to first-time speakers and people from underrepresented groups. We're happy to coach/guide!