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What we're about

This is a group for bootstrappers - both hustlers and entrepreneurs - that are keen on learning the most modern technologies that exist in 2018, going into 2019.

If you have an idea that you are trying to build or just want to learn modern skills that will help you get a job, this is a great opportunity for you!

I started this group because I want to teach other entrepreneurs the skills I have picked up over the years in my entrepreneurial journeys.

You will need to have an interest in either development (it's okay if you are not into coding - Wordpress and Shopify) or online marketing.

Just be curious and you'll get a lot out of the meet ups :)

Disclaimer: Muscled Digital Agency is the sponsor of this group. Muscled is an agency that offers modern digital workouts (web and app development, social media marketing and advertising, e-commerce and video services).

In this network, you will be encouraged to explore new skills to add to your Entrepreneurial Toolkit.

This meetup group will focus on the following topics:

For Entrepreneurs

1. Ideation - How to organize your ideas

2. Wireframe - Build a layout and a rough sketch of your ideas

3. Design - Pixel perfect design

4. Develop - Build a website or app with or without coding!

5. Coding - Make complicated apps with the trendiest languages.

For Business Owners:

1. How to Outsource Work

2. Lean Business Processes

3. Instil innovation in your employees

4. Use of technology to cut costs

5. Understand Online Marketing

For Digital Marketers:

1. Social Media Marketing

2. Facebook / Instagram / Snapchat Ads

3. Google Ads

4. Search Engine Optimization

5. Influencer Marketing

For Creatives:

1. Design flyers using Photoshop and Illustrator

2. Design logos

3. Create animations using After Effects and Premiere Pro

4. Edit videos and make commercials using Adobe Premiere Pro / Final Cut Pro

For Soft Skills:

1. Communication

2. How to Pitch

3. Thinking logically and objectively

4. Thinking in the best interest of the business

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