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Cheese and Chocolate Tour-UPDATED INFORMATION

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What a wonderful idea. I was finally able to get some updated information. We will visit two wineries in Stillwater. The other three wineries are too far apart for us to visit in one afternoon.

We will start our day at the Northern Vineyard Winery. They do not take reservations but I was advised that it would be wise for us to be there when the event opens up at noon, since we are a large group. Lets plan to meet there at 11:30, so we can be at the front of the line. I'll have a sign. We will be able to sample chocolates and cheeses from local artisans. There will also be the good stuff to purchase if you wish. It goes without saying that since this is a winery, there will also be wine. I was told it would take an hour to an hour and a half to go through it. There is a charge of $5.00 per person. There are not tables where we can sit together, but if the weather is decent the patio will be open.

Following our visit to the Northern Vineyard Winery we will meet for lunch. I am trying to find a place that will take reservations for a large group on a Saturday. I will post where that will be as soon as I figure that out. If people want to go out on there own, that's okay too.

After lunch, around 3:00, we will head over to the Saint Croix Vineyard, 6428 Manning Ave. North. There we will continue our exploration of the wonders of chocolates and cheese. The event is suppose to last until 5:00. They do not take reservations either, but they are aware that we will be arriving there around that time. I'm not sure how long we will be there, or how long it will take us to get our fill of chocolates, but it will be fun to find out. I believe there is a $5.00 charge at this winery as well.

I don't have anything planned after this, but knowing this group, there will be some people who will want to hang out in Stillwater for a while. We had a great time the last time we were there. No one has to fill obligated to stay any longer then they want to.

Does it get any better then this. Let's hope for a perfect fall day. There may not be any chocolate left in Stillwater, by the time we are through.

The woman I spoke to at the Northern Vineyard Winery said they had 700 people come through last year and they expect more this time. It might be a good idea to carpool, because parking could be a hassle.