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Photo Safari at Roger Williams Zoo, Providence, RI

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RAIN DATE: Sunday, October 14 at 9:00 am

Past trips to zoos have been very successful. If you like the idea of photographing animals in a 'natural' setting then this zoo may be right up your alley. I want to go just for the bald eagle display. Having seen images of these majestic birds from this zoo I think the trip will be worth it just for that.

The zoo is open from 9am to 4pm. Diane and I plan to be there for opening time at the main gates. I will have my cell phone with me if you need to get a hold of us. For additional information you can check out the zoo's official website; Roger Williams Park Zoo.

General admission tickets are as follows:

Adults: $14.95
Children (ages 3 through 12): $9.95
Seniors (ages 62+): $12.95
Children under 3 and Zoo members ( are admitted free.

ABOUT THE MEET UP: This is a self-guided event, meaning you are free to go wherever your inspiration pulls you. For those of you who are beginners or need guidance, feel free to tag along with me. I will be offering shooting suggestions and tips along the way. If you are comfortable with shooting in this environment be kind and help others.

There will be a lot of walking so make sure you wear comfortable shoes. Dress properly for the weather and dress in layers as the weather may change throughout the day. While there are food vendors throughout the facility (open until 4pm) you may want to bring a couple of bottles of water to keep hydrated. We will pick a time and place to meet for lunch. If you want you can bring your own lunch and snacks for the trip.

Long lenses work best for many of the outdoor "big animal" cages and enclosures or the "shy" animals. Shorter lenses are good for many of the indoor exhibits, petting zoo areas or "free range" animals that allow you to get closer to them. Flash is not recommended for obvious reasons but there are areas where they can be used. Tripods are allowed but they must stay outside of all railings, fences and enclosures.

Watch out for and obey any posted signs that prohibit flash, tripods or other activities. If in doubt, ask a zoo employee. If you get kicked out because you crossed the line we will not be held responsible. Please use common sense. If you haven't done so, please take a few minutes to read our Liability policy.

As usual, don't forget extra batteries and memory cards (stop laughing Ed, Diane, Greg... ( Since it's now cooler weather you can store your gear in the trunk of your car and just keep the bare minimum with you while walking around. If you need something a quick trip to the car will fix the problem.

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS: This is a 'get there when you can' event. If you are willing to carpool please post it in the 'comments' section (see instructions) below.