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As a healer who began my spiritual journey 25 years ago there was no manual, book or internet to help me on my path. I have come to this conclusion:

Being spiritual is not a belief system, it is a state of consciousness. It is the incorporation of all that resonates within you, your connection to your Higher Self and the Divine Light.

MY MAGNIFICENT LIFE is a series of four life courses that have been created for you by My Soul Guru, to help you on your journey of consciousness. You will experience profound turnarounds in yourself as a result.

Each course is interconnected, designed to integrate your mind, body and spirit. In My Soul Guru psychology there are four Selves, with each of those selves in turn linked through your physical body via your chakras. Each course consists of seven sections (connecting with your seven basic chakras), dealing with issues that relate to your emotional well-being and spiritual growth.



My Magnificent Life Course One: SEE IT

focuses on your ability to set goals and helps you master the art of visualisation. Visualisation is the most important tool when it comes to tapping into the Lower Self, so that you can succeed in any goal you set. The course helps you discover your visualisation strengths while activating your senses and developing your ability to master visualising shapes and objects in your meditations. Get ready to hone in your ability to master a full sensory visualisation that helps you define new goals and create YOUR MAGNIFICENT LIFE.

My Magnificent Life Course Two: CLAIM IT

allows you to claim the deep appreciation and love for yourself you so deserve; this only comes from a significant degree of self-awareness and requires you know who you are. It’s about clearing out all the negative emotions, fixations, complexes and false identifications and is accomplished with the cooperation of the Self. It will create new habits that will impact positively in your life.

My Magnificent Life Course Three: LIVE IT

is all about raising and aligning vibrational energy. This course allows you to live the life you deserve with the cooperation of The Higher Self, Mental Body, Throat and Third eye chakras. It’s about manifesting communication, creativity and enhancing intuition, insight and imagination. Proactive problem solving, innovations coming into fruition with clarity and ease, and the ability to solve emotional or physical issues in a direct and supportive way.

My Magnificent Life Course Four: BE IT

Wherever you are in life depends on your level of meta-awareness – how conscious you are of your own paradigms, what is your purpose and what are you doing to achieve it. This course looks at your Universal Self, Spiritual Body and the crown chakra which are associated with knowledge, understanding and spiritual pursuits. Having achieved self-mastery and inner greatness from SEE IT, CLAIM, IT and LIVE IT courses, the BE IT course is about learning to manifest YOUR MAGNIFICENT LIFE in the external world.

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My Magnificent Life: Course One: See It

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My Magnificent Life: Course One: See It


My Magnificent Life: Course One: See It

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