What we're about

MyLand Mark Real Estate Intelligence has formed this Real Estate and Investment Club that meets in-person and online once a month. Attending meetings will always be FREE.

Check-In and Networking begins at 6:30 PM. We kick off the evening with announcements and guest speakers. After the speakers, we will take a break for people to get drinks, enjoy snacks, and get to know one another.

Whether you're a novice or a veteran, we invite anyone and everyone who's interested in Real Estate Investments. Most of our guest speakers will be talking about their experiences and tactics on finding deals. Interested in sponsoring one of our raffles or being a guest speaker? Shoot me a message!

About MyLand Mark, USA

MyLand Mark USA has an outreach program which utilizes its real estate intelligence and investor connections to assist first single parent families, veterans, seniors, and others to locate and purchase property for occupation or investment, many of which are below market prices, or offer opportunities for purchase not available in the mainstream real estate market. MyLand Mark Real Estate Intelligence has informational access to over 130 million us property parcels, cash buyers in all 50 states, and millions of commercial construction projects in the United States. For more information: http://mylandmarkusa.com (http://mylandmarkusa.com/)

Hope to see everyone there!

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