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What we’re about


OLA - Experience Melbourne! 
Background- Outdoor & Life Adventures is in its fifth year and has enjoyed many outdoor events before my time. My name is Nes and I took over OLA when it was facing shut down, as organisers preceding me had resigned. I enjoy organising events and providing opportunities for like minded people to participate in common interests. As a guide, the age group is generally 20's -40's however if you are eligible for a seniors card, it might not be the right group for you.
I am passionate about kayaking at the moment, walking as well as adventures of the gastronomic type! 
Nep is a co-organiser with varied interests that keep changing, currently enjoys surfing, camping, cycling and go-karts and various obstacle course events. 
So as a member of this group you will experience a variety of life adventures.

At the end of the day we are volunteers, a lot of time goes into planning events, coordinating and running them and I pay renewal fees to to keep the group going. To make our group sustainable into the future, there is usually a small cost to attend events. If you love what we do, feel free to shout us a coffee from time to time :)
Housekeeping - I expect people to be courteous and respectful to eachother during events and also by amending their RSVP status if they are no longer able to attend events. This helps me as an organiser to make decisions about events but also is courtesy to fellow members that may be on the waiting list. Please note, we have a strict "no show" policy. No shows are removed from group membership and unable to re-join.
So far my experience has been that we are a friendly and welcoming group and there is always more room for like minded positive individuals. Welcome to OLA!
Disclaimer*  By participating in any posted event, you are taking responsibility for your own safety and wellbeing. Before you attend any event, please note that this is solely at your own risk.

Regards, Nes