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April Mentorship: Clairaudience. How to hear your guides and angels

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Price: CA$190.00 /per person
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How to Hear Your Spirit Guides and Angels

Many of us do not use this gift as much as we should. You get confused of how this blessing works. You will always hear it in your voice because if you hear other voices in your head, it is considered being "crazy". Well how do you hear them without thinking you are crazy? THis is what this whole experience is. THis is a sign up deadline not a met up. You will go to and book private one hour sessions.

Session one is a full hour to learn how your neurology works to link this gift. I will then channel specific exercises and techniques that your guide wants to anchor with just you to practise with. These will be how YOU learn best with your guides and Angels so I cannot say what they will be till you are with me and your guide directs me. Learn little things to do and say to find that you are already doing this. Creates a strong and permanent link with your guide so you can learn to get rid of the doubt, fear and start trusting yourself and your abilities more.

Session two will be another hour and broken into two parts. First we will work on special meridian points and chakra points in the head. We will work with crystals and the green laser light therapy to link the minor points of the clair audience of the ears to the heads minor chakra points of clairvoyance. This will allow you to see what you are hearing at the same time. We will work with the linking new neurology with this to form new brain memes to hold this ability. You will have homework! Please do not wear earrings to this session.

Part two will be work in your AKASHIC RECORDS to find out where in this life you heard something that confused you or hurt you that made you close down your chakras yourself. We will find the reason why you are afraid to hear. If you are afraid to hear, you are afraid to speak. Your energy is all linked together.

Everybody will go home with a malachite double pointed crystal to continue the healing. Malachite is used to help heal childhood traumas so this works well with the part two of session two. It is also a stone of relationships and we need a new relationship how you HEAR your guides. The stone is for the Archangel Raphael to help heal wounds and open the heart chakra and draws out painful energies.

These sessions would be 240 plus 25 for the malachite. 75.00 savings