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DaeZed + Favrah from the Hearts Awakening Sanctuary Group are proud to present to you Sunday Sessions in Breathwork! Come join us the Monday right after the long week-end as we take you on a journey inward following the breath. A great way to ease out of the energies from the long week-end and transition back into the flow of your work week. (or for those Funemployed its a great way to celebrate Monday!) We will be welcoming back Karen Berry who will be facilitating a warm up through portals of music, movement and breath!

Together we will lead you through an evening of introspection utilizing the tools we have discovered on our paths. Some of the things you may experience in this evening: SACRED DANCE + MUSIC! GUIDED MEDITATION! HUGZZZ! LAUGHTER! CONNECTION! TONING! BODYWORK! AFFIRMATIONS! SUPPORTIVE SHARING CIRCLE! and the cornerstone of this evening will be in CONSCIOUS BREATHWORK!

About Conscious Breathwork (taken from

[When used in specific ways, breathing allows us to release and integrate emotions, belief systems, stresses and memories which are often inaccessible through the more conventional talking therapies.

Breathing, beyond the basic need for survival, acts as a bridge between spirit, mind, and body; a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious. "Conscious Breathing" is one of the quickest ways to open our hearts to love and inner peace, and to fill our bodies with life and health. Connecting the inhale with the exhale consciously and continuously is one of the most effective ways of connecting us to ourselves, to each other, and all of us to Nature and existence. Conscious Breathing allows us to go into the deepest realities of life, to acknowledge our life processes, and to set the ground for personal transformation while reaching higher states of consciousness.

"Breathwork" involves the study and practice of breath awareness and conscious breathing for spirit, mind, and body. Breathworkers use the Breath and Breathing Techniques as tools for health, growth, therapy, and change. Breath Mastery can be used to enhance and accelerate human development and learning on all levels. Breathwork and Breathing Techniques are now being taught all over the world!]

Benefits you MAY experience in Breathwork: Reduces Stress! Increases Energy + Aliveness! Detoxifies the body! Release relationship/intimacy issues! Helps attract new relationships! Accesses expanded states of consciousness! Enhances creativity and expression! Heals the wound of your imagined separation! Releases birth trauma! Makes you feel lighter + more peaceful! Opens your heart so you may love everything more! Gives you Clarity of mind! More Awareness! Heals Inner Child! The Triple HHH Effect etc...

Things you MUST Bring: Something comfortable to lie down on, including pillow. Water Bottle Comfortable clothes for all temperatures. (Dress in layers)

***************************************************** Cost: $30 CASH Only at the door


Your guides for this evening will be: DaeZed aka Daemond DaeZed grew up in Calgary, but he is a traveller by trade, having visited 30 or so countries in his life. One of his favourite things to do is understand how other people live on this earth. Like most of us, he has often wondered why we’re here. DaeZed has sat with Monks in the Temples of South East Asia and has spent time with Aboriginals in Australia learning about Dreamtime. He has journeyed with Shamans in Central America and created concoctions with witch doctors in Africa. He has read and researched much in the vein of spirituality and science and connections between the two, a field called Epigenetics. DaeZed is trained in Reiki (Shambhala and Usui), as well as Clarity Breathwork through an Intentional Community in Costa Rica called Pachamama. He has trained with Zen Master Nissim Amon in a style of healing he created called Trilotherapy. He has completed a Healing Sounds Intensive Training with Jonathan Goldman, and can often be found at festivals teaching and attending workshops. The methods are all quite different but the question is always the same: Who Am I? A question many of us eventually ask of ourselves. DaeZed would love to guide you on your journey to answer this question and assist you in becoming the powerful creator you are meant to be! Life is Beautiful! It’s OK to Enjoy! Everything is all right!

“Life offers us many mirrors in order to experience ourselves on this journey, through group Breathwork sessions I have discovered myself through the reflections of others and realized an image that holds the deeper truth of Who I Am”

Namaste DaeZed

Karen Berry ''Since I can recall moving at all, I have been dancing.. Studying many different forms and styles of aestetic performance and creative dance, it has always been a passion and source of happiness for me personally and in relationships. After several years of performing and instructing dance, I realized that being involved and witness to the spark of spirit, healing, and aliveness that dancing has on individuals- was essence of why I love teaching. The body is the sensory receptor of physical world, and essential in expression. I believe dancing to the vibrations of music in its infinate forms, is a direct conversation between the physical world and your soul. Coinciding closely with breathwork, yoga, massage and meditation practices. I am currently studying Transfomational Dance Facilitation with Atraea Starr (Sher. Park)and am eager to share experiential knowledge and help facilitate the deep awareness, growth and empowerment of each divine individual.''

Favrah ( Heather Fincati) I woke up in 2008 and started my journey then. When I say "woke up" I mean became aware of myself and aware of how I affect other people. This began my real journey of improving myself and becoming a person I want to be. Shedding what is no longer serving me and keeping and creating what I would like to be. I realized a few years later that I am an empath (meaning I can take or feel peoples emotions and sometimes even their physical pain). It was right around this time that I had a pull to learn Reiki. I realized this quality in myself would be a tool for becoming a strong Reiki practitioner. I have now been practicing Reiki for a year and a half. I became certified in May of 2012. I also have a lot of interest in learning Trilotherapy and Lomi Lomi Massage. I continue my journey every day of working on myself mentally and now physically and have a lot of personal experience to share with you all. I also have a very strong interest in crystal and gem power that I am slowly learning about and love talking about. I look forward to sharing this amazing healing modality with you.