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Thanksgiving day volunteerism: serving turkey & trimmings to homeless, Pasadena

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This will be our 2nd annual MSK Central Park event. One component of MSK's mission statement is to pay it forward: let's give a few afternoon (or morning) hours to less fortunate friends, before joining our own family and friends. We don't have to bring anything: we just have to collaborate w/the cool union rescue, pasadena organizers.

Shifts available: (yellow area:) Kitchen helpers: either (report @ 8:20 AM,) and shift is: 9 AM- 12 PM; OR--(report @ 11:30 AM,) and shift is: 12PM- 2:30 PM. Look for Ms Darcy in the yellow area, if your assignment is unclear or you wanna say "Hola." And lastly: (green area) Clean up crew: most desperately needed! No heavy lifting required. You're not pulling the site apart. You're not packing chairs into the waiting trucks. You're just filling green bags with leftover debris. Could we get, maybe, another few sisters here, (check-in 12:30 PM,)- your shift is 1 - 3 PM? Your reward is in your heart.

What a wonderful group we are!! If you'd just mention in your rsvp what hour (s) you have to help out, or what "assignment" appeals to you, I can put you together w/other generous of spirit souls, Sister's Keepers, and so many more cool groups! and guide you to where, in the colorful "job" scheme, you'd be most useful. Sound ok? So kay. Sending sunshine, this rainy afternoon, all your ways. D3.