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10:45 AM Korean Spa: the works! and late 3:00 PM Korean barbecue lunch in K-town

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FAQs for my Spa ladies: You'll pay the Spa receptionist $70, on November 10th. The Spa accepts credit cards. Culturally, a $10 tip is left, in cash, with your masseuse, after your "out of body" divine experience.

Spa Treatments (the works!) are a dream, and merely $70. Imagine yourself being wrapped in cucumbers, scrubbed, milk bath, scalp massage! You can't get this kind of pampering on Rodeo Drive or Ventura Blvd, not at this price point! There are 5 spa specialists at a time. Picture the image of female sumo wrestlers attired in pointy black lace brassieres and black, high waisted panties, like grandma used to wear. You will put yourself in their capable hands. And you will do as they say. Or else. "The works" is appx. an hour and 20 minutes. If we try to arrive on time by 10:45 AM, there's free parking in lot behind spa, or free street parking, we'll have time to make our payments, get lockers, and be confident, smooth princesses by finish of treatment (appx. 2:20 PM) use steam rooms, hot rocks, or meditation rooms, and be on our way, by 2:50 PM for K bbque & meet w/those who are meeting us for lunch only.

While the Spa accepts credit cards, please bring cash for the 3 PM K barbecue: between appx $21-$24, including tax, tip, for our tasty barbecue lunch. The wait staff is efficient, darling, and the ban chan (small plates) include, along w/ usual thangs: incredibly good potato salad, kimchee pancakes, plus the grill items are insanely high-quality. Come hungry!!

The works is an absolute steal: with the facial, neck massage, we forgo the entrance fee--if you look @ the price that way:shoulders, back massage, body scrub, facial, milk bath, shampoo, scalp massage, treatments, Participants must get over the sight of many sorts, shapes and sizes of totally naked women of all colors and designs. They don't care, so why should we? What to bring: leave all your bling at home. Yes, you get a locker, which is secure. Yes, they give you lots of towels. After hot baths and treatments, you will be provided with a sweet cotton robe. What to bring; a gym bag with your grooming items. Your grand entrance into spa: you'll be in your birthday suit, wearing your most fly plastic shower shoes, and carrying a smaller bag, Hello Kitty! is a popular choice, something from the 99 cents store, mine is a Spider Man plastic bag, to bring just essential shower items, your own shampoo, maybe your own loofah or scrubby, that you'll leave on a hook near baths.

Lunch: 3 PM: (photo @ Hay Jang last year, w/ Tracee, who joined us for Korean bbque lunch!, and with Kim Ellis, spa goer extraordinaire!) We discovered a well-recommended, all you can eat, inexepnsive K barbecue for afterwards: we spa sirens can carpool there: Hay Jang Chon: 3821 6th street, right at the corner of 6th and Serrano. We can do street parking and not pay the "valet." Easy. tel there is 213-389-8777. Yes, there are costs involved, (spa & lunch,) but treat yourself! Make this an early Christmas gift to you!

Good will, good weekends, and good times to follow, for all you beautiful women. With affection, Darcy.


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