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This meetup's topic is "Assembling the perfect MySQL toolbox" by Ike Walker.

There are many great tools in the MySQL ecosystem. As a DBA, how do you pick the right tools and get started using them?

"In this session, I will describe how we assembled our MySQL toolbox at Flite, and I will give you some tips for assembling your own MySQL toolbox based on your environment. The focus of the session will be on understanding, testing, and using some of the best community tools for MySQL DBAs. I will demonstrate how to use MySQL Sandbox to test the tools, and will give several simple but powerful examples of how you can start using toolkits such as Percona Toolkit and common_schema today. I will also discuss how to choose the right tool for the job. For example:

- Should you use pt-archiver or common_schema for bulk deletes?

- For blocking DDL on live tables, should you use pt-online-schema-change or oak-online-alter-table?

- With the new replication features in MySQL 5.6 do you still need pt-heartbeat and pt-slave-delay?"

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