Real-Time Big Data in a Distributed SQL System


Nikita Shamgunov, Co-founder & CTO, MemSQL
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A Database Month event:

SQL is the language of choice for relational database management systems but it is traditionally slow and does not scale past a single machine. In this session, learn how to horizontally scale your data and workload on a distributed SQL system powered by commodity hardware for high performance real-time analytics. We will also cover how to take advantage of distributed parallel processing by writing parallelizable SQL queries. Attend this session to learn:

• How to design schemas that take advantage of the distributed system

• What types of queries can be run extremely efficiently in a distributed system

• Tricks to manipulate complex queries to avoid shuttling around data in a distributed system

Nikita Shamgunov, Co-founder & CTO, MemSQL
Nikita Shamgunov co-founded MemSQL ( and has served as CTO since its inception. Prior to co-founding the company, Nikita worked on core infrastructure systems at Facebook. He served as a distinguished senior database engineer at Microsoft SQL Server for more than half a decade. Nikita holds a bachelor's, master's and doctorate in computer science, has been awarded several patents and was a world medalist in ACM programming contests.

Swag giveaway at 6:30pm
Power-Networking at 6:40pm
Presentation starts at 6:45pm

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A Database Month event: