Polyglot Persistence NoSQL 3-in-1 Database: Graph DB, Key/Value & Document Store


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Dr. Max Neunhoeffer, Mathematician & Software Architect, ArangoDB

A Database Month event: http://www.DatabaseMonth.com/database/polyglot-persistence

Polyglot Persistence is a hugely popular trend in the NoSQL database domain, because it obviously makes sense to use "the right data model" for each specific part of an architecture or application. Traditionally, this means that one has to use different persistence tools for different parts of a larger system, which creates some friction in the form of data conversion and synchronisation between these different tools.

The idea of a "multi-model database" recently emerged, which is a document store, a graph database and a key/value store combined in one program. Therefore it is able to cover a lot of use cases which otherwise would need multiple different database systems, all in one tool with a single and coherent API and query language. All this is not just a utopian dream - there is an actual working implementation available, and you will learn how to use it during this presentation!

In this talk I will explain the motivation behind the multi-model approach, its consequences on Polyglot Persistence and discuss its advantages and limitations, as well as predictions about the NoSQL database market in five-years time.

Dr. Max Neunhoeffer, Mathematician & Software Architect, ArangoDB
Max Neunhoeffer is a mathematician turned database developer. Max is responsible for the software architecture for ArangoDB GmbH (http://www.ArangoDB.com), the design and future directions, but also gets his hands dirty with writing C++ code. Max regularly visits conferences and meetups, giving talks about database technology, software architecture, NoSQL in general, and of course, about ArangoDB and its design.

In his prior career in academia, he was employed by the University of Heidelberg, the RWTH Aachen University as well as the University of St Andrews as a researcher and teacher. He has worked for 16 years on the development and implementation of new algorithms in computer algebra, mainly for the open source system GAP. During this time he has juggled a lot with mathematical "big data" including group orbits containing trillions of points. Recently he has returned from St Andrews in Scotland to Germany, has shifted his focus to NoSQL databases and now helps to develop ArangoDB.

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