Data Stores in Start Up Land, No Size Fits All! (with beer+snacks!)


Free beer + soda, nuts, chips, candy and snacks!

Presented by
Ben Regenspan, CTO, Soho Tech Labs, a Lerer Ventures Incubator

A Database Month event:

In this interactive Q&A event we will learn from Ben Regenspan, the CTO of Soho Tech Labs (a Lerer Ventures Incubator), many database and startup insights including:

What was the hardest parts of scaling the HuffingtonPost? Why use Redis? Where is Redis best-suited? Why use MongoDB? Can't we just use MongoDB instead of Redis and MySQL? How does the Lerer Ventures incubator come up with and execute projects? How quickly can you build a new venture? Does CasaHop really use Postgres? Why??? How is RebelMouse growing so fast with so few scaling issues? Is Oracle killing MySQL? How do you work with a globally-distributed international development team? Ben Regenspan, CTO, Soho Tech Labs, a Lerer Ventures Incubator

Ben Regenspan is the CTO of Soho Tech Labs (, a Lerer Ventures Incubator ( He was Lead Social Developer at Huffington Post, where he played a key role in building social features that allowed Huffington Post to grow and innovate. He is also a world-renowned scarf collector and inappropriate Tweeter.

Power-Networking at 6:30pm
Presentation starts at 6:45pm

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