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Everything You Expect from NoSQL and More! (+ beer, pizza, swag & snacks)

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Eric David B.


Free BEER, swag, PIZZA, soda & snacks!

Presented by
Gary Lang, Executive Vice President of Product, MarkLogic

A Database Month event:

With the growing volumes of unstructured and multistructured data flooding into our data centers, the relational databases we've relied on for the last 30 years are now too limiting and inflexible. Next-generation NoSQL (Not Only SQL) databases have gained popularity because they are ideally suited to deal with vast volumes of diverse data.

Gary Lang, VP of Product, will share how MarkLogic has helped customers to obtain real value from big data. Learn how major industry leaders are creating new revenue streams, gaining insights to increase market share, making the world more secure, providing access to valuable information as well as helping to reduce bottom line expense.

MarkLogic Was NoSQL Before NoSQL Was Cool: That means we've had over 12 years to build in the enterprise-hardened performance, security, and reliability that you expect from your enterprise database. We look forward to chatting with the NYC MySQL members and engaging in great data conversations.

Gary Lang, Executive Vice President of Product, MarkLogic Gary Lang is the Executive Vice Pesident of Product for MarkLogic ( Gary is a proven leader with more than two decades experience delivering large, complex products and systems, architectural design and setting direction for high-revenue software projects. He is responsible for all MarkLogic product development.

Gary comes to MarkLogic from Microsoft, where he was a leader in the development of the next version of Visual Studio. Prior to Microsoft, he was vice president of platforms and global engineering at Autodesk, where he led an organization of 1,200 employees worldwide providing platform and product engineering for Autodesk's core products as well as new software and services for emerging businesses. His organization was responsible for developing code for almost all of Autodesk's desktop and SaaS products, such as AutoCAD, Inventor, and Seek, which generated up to $2.5 billion in revenue. During this period, Gary also served as the vice president of global engineering for the company and managed its offices in China and Singapore.

Earlier in his career, Gary was vice president of engineering for Autodesk's infrastructure division. He led the engineering team for all geospatial products, including Map and MapGuide Server. Gary was also a co-creator of the OSGeo Foundation, the first industry-wide open source foundation for geospatial software and services.

Gary has a bachelor's degree in computer and information science from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

Swag giveaway at 6:30pm
Power-Networking at 6:35pm
Presentation starts at 6:45pm

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