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I believe the meaning of life is to be as God like as possible, no matter what religion you are.

Your mind is like a black Friday sale with constant ads popping up getting you to "buy in." When you meditate, you are learning to take each thought that pops in your mind, and throw it out. This takes time to master, but imagine, any negativity that comes in your life, you are being trained to have peace.

Kundalini yoga is kind of taboo. No, you wont awaken it if you do not wish to by taking these classes. To awaken your Kundalini takes time. You must be physically and mentally ready. These classes are basic for any beginner and always something challenging for our advanced students.

This meetup is geared towards making new friends, meeting your higher self, and truth. These meetups are taught by various instructors, various locations, and various types of classes. Spiritual classes, and different types of fitness classes may be offered too. Students are welcome to give suggestions and lead classes as long as it appeals to the group. I hope you join us!

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2016 Dharma Yoga Retreat in Belize

Ak'bol Eco and Yoga Resort

Day of the Dead Party at the Ashram


Kundalini Workshop

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