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Feeling Well: Using the 8 Dimensions of Wellness to Find Happiness and Security

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Feeling Well: Using the 8 Dimensions of Wellness to Find Happiness and Security


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Let’s face it: life is busy! Balancing friends, family, and work can make prioritizing self-care feel impossible. In trying to practice self-care, we may isolate our routines by solely focusing on physical health or mental health. This can happen when we prioritize exercising, attending therapy, or filling our bodies with nutritious foods. While these are certainly beneficial practices, there are more dimensions of wellness than just therapy, diet, and exercise. When we neglect other aspects of our wellness, we may sense that our lives are unbalanced or just not quite as satisfying as they could be.

That said, you may be wondering: what is wellness and how do I achieve it? In order to better understand this, you can get to know the eight dimensions of holistic wellness. Holistic wellness focuses on the idea that your mind, body, and spirit are all connected. This means that spending too much time in one area of wellness can be limiting. The good news is that wellness is personal and does not need to feel like an overwhelming journey. It is an ever changing process of adapting patterns and making mindful choices each day that lead to a more satisfying lifestyle.

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-Develop a personalized definition of wellness

-Cultivate an understanding of the eight dimensions of holistic wellness and how they influence your overall well-being

-Identify your own personal strengths and needs within each wellness realm

-Formulate strategies to increase self-care and support holistic wellness

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