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Data science/machine learning is amazing! It's like have a crystal ball to predict the future. science is hard, time consuming and expensive. Data scientist positions are being bid up by the big boys to the tune of $250k-$300k per seat at the table. To deliver a data science solution, a company is likely to spend $1M+ over 2 years. Enter nFlate.

nFlate provide data science in the cloud 100% focused on increasing an e-commerce site's revenue. At zero upfront costs to get in the game, its data science for the masses. We use our complex machine learning algorithms in the cloud to automatically score and segment a site's users based on their revenue-centric behavioral attributes. Then we deliver, in real-time, information to personalize the site based on each and every user's cloud profile. We're not talking about "Hi Joe, welcome back" kind of personalizations. We deliver triggers to tell you exactly what you should show Joe to optimize that visits revenue.

No complex rules building. No A/B testing. Just automated revenue lift. Drop in the SDK and APIs and site back and watch your revenue grow.

The nFlate platform also includes a deep analytics engine that delivers all the metrics you would expect from an robust analytics platform, in addition to deeper product and revenue metrics than any other solution. And the nFlate analytics component is 100% free! We only make money when a site uses our predictive and prescriptive tech to increase its revenue.

Join the movement. Better yet, join the team! And stay tuned for our next Meetup.

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