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日時:月一回 土曜日 17:30~19:00

内容:前半 フリートーク,後半 ディスカッション


Hi there, this is the page of the community of people interested in having conversations/ discussions in English.

We have conversations/ discussions face to face in a cafe in Fushimi, Nagoya.

All you have to pay is just 100 yen and a few coins for a cup of coffee for yourself.

During each session, we have a chat first, and then discussion on some specific topic chosen by the chair of the day each day.

Members are mostly Japanese girls/guys who are energetic, outgoing, and enthusiastic to learn something new, aged about from 20s to 50s.

Though everyday conversation skill would be preferred, it would be enough if you only have your passion and a bit of courage to get into this new group to have fun!!

At the meantime, details for each session and RSVP are managed on the same community page on Mixi.
But if interested to have seen this page, please just drop a message on Facebook!


Place: Fushimi, Nagoya
Date/Time: 17:30-19:00 Sat, once a month.
Fee: 100 yen plus a fee for one drink


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