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Brotherhood of Naked Dudes (BoND)

This is a London based private men’s only only club for gay and bisexual men of all colours; and to men who are single or partnered and are between the ages of 25-55 who enjoy the freedom of expressing our masculinity while naked and enjoying the friendship/brotherhood of like-minded individuals in a group setting.

We find that by stripping of our clothes we also strips social and other barriers, allowing our members to form long-term friendships. When we remove our clothes, we also remove our inhibitions and our preconceptions about others. Being naked allows us to drop the pretense of how we want others to see us and just be ourselves - to accept ourselves and each other in a healthy way. The result is a much more friendly and relaxing atmosphere where people can talk and meet new friends.

Together we will explore our masculinity in a safe, respectful, private and non-judgemental environment during sauna and hot tub parties, naked massage exchange, buff wine tasting events, nude game nights (strip poker etc), pool and house parties and outdoors activities as well as trips outside of London (whilst events are held predominantly in London, we also aim to have events outside of London). It is a place for like minded guys to hang out together, relax and have fun.

We may not always get the opportunity to get naked together but we will meet for cinema nights out, meals out and other activities where we are unfortunately required to be clothed.

Our activities are designed to promote socializing between guys who share a common interest in the themed events as well as for those who have just started to ‘explore’ without the influence of drugs and excessive drinking. Events/activities are held in private locations revealed only to those who RSVP to the event for safety and privacy.


1) You must be at least 25 years old to join and have a clear face pic to show (or please send this to the organizer via Whatsapp).

2) You agree no to use drugs and consume excessive alchohol.

3) Entry into our group is free. There may be a charge for some events based on rental costs, food/drink costs, etc. Charges will be clearly listed in event descriptions.

4) You must remain an active participant in our community, otherwise you'll be removed from our group (participate in a group event at least every 2 months and actively join in the group discussions). Those who are not active will be removed from the membership role to make room for others who would like to join.

5) We need you to attend events that you sign-up for. Anyone who cancels less than a week before an event or does not show up will get a "strike". Three "strikes" and you are out of the group.

6) This is not a dating meetup. Please do not come to an event with the intention of getting into a relationship. The idea is to socialise in a group setting.

7) Do you have Whatsapp? If not, please install this as it will be used to organise meetups and communicate directly to members in a secure fashion.

8) PLEASE respect boundaries and limits. Do not take anything for granted. A "no" means no. Simple. We are all open-minded adults who like fun but express permission and consent must be granted first.

9) Please do not contact any member that you have not met in a group meetup. If the member wishes to stay in touch with you, the member will exchange contact details with you.

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Naked Happy Hour Yoga for Men ONLINE

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Naked Happy Hour Yoga for Men ONLINE

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Naked Happy Hour Yoga for Men ONLINE

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