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Intro to Chef with Keith Beckman

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Come join us on Thursday at Emma for Keith Beckman's Introduction to Chef.

About the Speaker:

Keith Beckman is a systems architect and software engineer who has been writing code professionally in some form or another for the last 14 years. For the last 5 years as an independent consultant, he’s been fortunate enough to get paid for writing Ruby. Keith believes that testing and automation are the two most important tools to ensure rapid, accurate development cycles and free up time for what he really enjoys — writing more code.

About the Talk:

How do you do DevOps?
a) What's "DevOps"?
b) We have a separate team for that...
c) We have a collection of shell scripts we run before deployments...
d) [All|None|Some] of the above.

If you found your answer to DevOps in the choices above, chances are you've had your share of headaches along the way
managing your company's system infrastructure. Software deployments have probably been difficult too (especially if
they're infrequent). I'm here to help! In this presentation, I'll introduce Chef -- a suite of tools to help automate
the installation and upkeep of your system infrastructure and tame those nasty deployments. We'll also discuss why it's
important for all members of the IT team to be familiar with the company's infrastructure and deployment process.
Lastly, a (practical and immediately useful) demo! To get you started using Chef, we'll use it to bootstrap a macOS
installation for Ruby development so you're ready just in time for the Sierra release later this month.