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    Nashville living, but Colorado is home.
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    I never met a tree I didn't like.
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    Ranger/Naturalist Tennessee State Parks
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    I love hiking!
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    Wordsmith, hiker, kayaker and lover of jazz. Married to hike leader Michael Hughes.
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    Enjoy combining my hobbies of hiking and photography to get in to new areas and see interesting scenery.
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    Hi I am Lisa- love the outdoors and hiking!
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    Love to hike, backpack, and kayak. I'll even bike. When I'm not doing these things I'm a public high school English teacher. Originally from Washington DC area, but have lived long enough in Nashville to be a native.
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    Avid Outdoorsman
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    I enjoy outdoor activities. I look forward to hiking, riding, paddling and traveling.
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    I have guided the Full Moon Hike at Edwin Warner Park since 2001. I lead hikes and multi-day, multi-sport adventures, too. See photos on facebook at Tread Light Adventure Travel.
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    A member of The Farm Community and a Board Trustee for Swan Conservation Trust. Swan Trust hosts hikes to points of interest on the Western Highland Rim, including the 1475 acre Big Swan Headwaters Preserve. www.swantrust.org
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    I LOVE the woods!!!
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    Hiking & Photography...It's kind of a chicken or the egg thing with me.
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    I am the State Naturalist for Tennessee State Parks and would like to lead outings to our parks and natural areas for everyone that is interested. I was a Ranger for 25 years before I took the traveling naturalist job 9 years ago.
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    love to hike!
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    Hiking adventures provide a healthy habit, great exercise, and opportunity to meet like-minded trekkers. And Nashville's surrounding area has awe-inspiring trails to enjoy.
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    Because I live in Nashville and I enjoy hiking.
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    Enjoy many outdoor adventure activities including paddling, hiking, camping.
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    Few things make me happier than wandering around in the woods. I like birds & trees & wildflowers - those are the only three things I like. No, wait, I also like movies. And baseball. But just those five things - nothing else. And chocolate.