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"Nothing matters more than coding fast", guest speaker Neil Green

Hosted by Nashville Java Users' Group

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Vaco Offices in Brentwood TN

5410 Maryland Way · Brentwood, TN

How to find us

4th floor, out the elevators and to the right. Just follow the signs!

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"Nothing Matters More Than Coding Fast"

This is not a talk about speed coding or writing thousands of lines of crappy code in a weekend. This is a talk for software craftsmen who test drive clean code, but who also have a nagging feeling: “Man, I know I could be doing this faster.” We’re going to discuss everything from touch typing, to keyboard shortcuts, to faster pair programming techniques, to hardware, to build automation, to staying in the zone, to caffeine consumption, to ergonomics, to music and headphone selection, refactoring, language and framework selection, tech debt management, rapid prototyping, whiteboard design sessions, back of napkin mockups, guerilla tactics for getting in front of requirements and staying there, and what to do when you’re 30 lines down a stack trace and someone wants to tell you about something funny their kid did over the weekend.

Big thanks to Neil Green for agreeing to visit us and present! About the speaker:

As self-diagnosed “recovering technical team lead,” Neil has taken a sabbatical from the exciting world of architect/lead/manager to go back to what he loves - being a full-time coder. In his own words, “The technical part wasn’t hard, it was having to say the same thing over and over expecting different results (incidentally the definition for both insanity and stupidity) that wore me down over time. I needed a break.”

Today Neil finds himself sitting comfortably in a dark, window-less cubical, with no direct reports, no project schedule to satisfy, no political in-fights, and best of all a manager to keep all the non-code related cruft at bay. Though cruel and unusual, Neil has taken to walking into his manager’s office and declaring, “Now YOU have to deal with it all! Hahahahah!!!!” Incidentally, he has found that this never gets old.

Further abusing his new-found freedom, he has also been known to start conversations with, “If you’re not writing clean code we can’t work together - sorry, I’m getting too old to sift through garbage” and “I get it – you don’t write units tests. That’s cool. I’ll just delete everything you commit so we don’t have to suffer with your steaming pile of well-it-worked-when-I-tested-it.”

Most days will find Neil belting out code with his favorite HTML5 stack: CoffeeScript, SASS, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, Handlebars.js, jQuery, jQuery UI, and jQuery Mobile while muttering, “These kids today don’t know how good they have it.” When asked if he’ll ever do backend development again he replied, “If I look at another line of Java I may stab myself in the eye. I’m holding out until the world realizes it should just learn something else – anything else. I’m starting to not care which.”

Twitter: @feyn (


Free food and drink, courtesy of Vaco, starts at 6. Lightning talks welcome over food, with the main presentation starting at 6:30.

As always, our gratitude to Vaco for being a great sponsor!


From Granny White Pike turn on to Maryland Way heading East
Take your first Left onto Arcaro Plaza
Turn in to the first parking lot on the Right
Take an immediate Left and park near the main entrance to the building

Be sure to look for a phone number taped to the door (it's sometimes locked). Call it and we'll come down and let you in.

If the doors aren't locked take the elevator in the lobby to the 4th floor
Head right out of the elevator and take the hallway to the left
We meet in the first room on the left

See you there!