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Pitch Prep for Your Mobile or Web App in Association with Serious Startups

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Have you wanted to pitch your idea but didn't have the money to build the app if someone even loved it? Serious Startups is providing a potential solution.

“Serious Startups combats the ‘lack of capital’ issue for entrepreneurs wanting to launch their great tech startup ideas,” states John Maddox, Founder of Serious Startups. “We firmly believe there are great tech startup ideas that have yet to be heard and ideas that have yet to be imagined. We stand ready to not only invest creative capital into these ideas, but to turn fellow entrepreneurs’ dreams into reality,” Maddox adds.

Serious Startups was founded in 2013 by John Maddox and is comprised of a group of tech industry veterans with decades of combined experience. The tech startup company specializes in bridging the gap from seed stage to large-scale capital investment, building out entrepreneurs’ ideas in exchange for equity position. Covering all aspects of a tech startup process, Serious Startups prides itself in handling all facets of the process and executing all tasks in house, exercising time management while ensuring quality control.

As a supporter of their work and a technology provider for winning pitches, DevDigital ( is providing key support for this new to Nashville initiative.

What Are They Looking For?

They're looking for mobile and web applications that solve problems, and interesting website business ideas. This could be a niche business solution, an eCommerce site, or just a site that has awesome custom content and requires subscriptions. As a team they have built everything from super simple to the incredibly complex. If it's a legit idea, they can build it.
The purpose of this session is to share some of the higher points in preparing for the Serious Startups pitch. You'll be writing a check to take part...that's the only part of the gamble. If you end up the winner, your initial spec investment will have paid itself back in multiples. If you lose, you'll end up with experience and counsel that was worth it.

Check out prior to RSVP'ing if you wish. I'm anticipating providing information that would be worth your time, if you were planning on the ( pitch or not.