Young Adult/Middle Grade Meetup

This is a past event

5 people went

Panera Bread Cool Springs

2000 Mallory Ln · Franklin , TN

How to find us

We gather around whatever tables we can find, but you can usually pick us out from all the tablets and laptops out.


Exchange ideas and advice with other YA/MG and New Adult writers as we discuss each other's drafts over coffee. Whether you've been writing for years, are new to the genre, or new to writing on the whole, you're welcome here.

Sharing Works:

As we've decided to focus our meetings on group discussions of the work, we encourage reading each other's work prior to the meeting. This will give us more time for actual discussion when we meet face-to-face. We are using Google Drive/Google Docs for this. Each document is only viewable by members of the group. Please always be sure to change the setting at the top of the document from Editing to Suggesting. We do not want to change anyone's original work, so please only suggest and comment!

See all our critique and sample guidelines here. (

About the Group:

Young Adult is the term used for stories largely intended for teenage audiences, though people of many ages and backgrounds read YA. Key features of YA works include teenage protagonists and coming-of-age stories.

Middle Grade is a term often used for stories that fall between traditional "children's literature" and YA. They largely appeal to independent readers ages 9-12. Because MG/YA often overlap (there are many books that blur the line between these classifications), we welcome both in this group.

Writings may be of any genre and may be either fiction or nonfiction provided they are YA or MG. Another related classification is "New Adult" which may feature characters of college age. This is a newer term which also tends to blur the line with YA (for example, Rainbow Rowell's novel Fangirl). If you aren't quite sure where your story falls, bring it on and we'll see if we can help you figure it out!

If you are new to the group and would like to share your work for the next meeting, contact Dana at [masked] to be added to the group Google Docs folder. We will also try to set aside 15-20 minutes at the end of meeting for anyone who decides to come and wishes to read last minute.