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The Mystery Writer's Group is open to all writers, our philosophy, if we don't know the ending, we call it a mystery. We were meeting at Dan McGuinness on the corner of Demonbruen and Music Row at the circle. Little Chicago is just a few doors down.

You need not be published or even in the process of writing to attend. If you've always wanted to write a mystery or enjoy reading them and want to learn more about the process, or if you're a published author that enjoys the feedback and camaraderie with other writers, we would love to have you attend

Please bring in no more than 5-8 double spaced, one sided pages of whatever work you'd like to have critiqued. We ask that you advise the group of the kind of critique you'd like to receive, (grammar, content, etc...) and then remain silent until the critique process is over. Remember, you won't be able to follow your readers around explaining why you wrote what you did, so if it's not clear to our group then that is valuable information for you. Once the group has finished the critique, you will be asked for your impressions of what was discussed.