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Mastering Writing Workshop in Hermitage

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Come join us for the writers’ meetup in Hermitage, headed up by Monique Gooch. This group is held twice a month and is open to writers who are nearly finished or completely finished with a piece of work. If you need help cleaning things up or help with editing or writing query letters, this is the group for you! Mastering Writing Workshop will be a critique group, though you're not required to bring a piece to read. Page limit is 5 pages, double spaced. We will meet at the Hermitage library the first and third weekends (preferably Saturday, but if Saturday does not work, then Sunday). Time will be 1:00pm to 5:00pm or 2:00pm to 5:00pm -- if held on Sundays. Time is subject to change depending on Monique's schedule. I will also be able to assist anyone who is gearing up to pitch and wants something critiqued (query, first five pages, etc.) one on one. MEETING WILL BE IN FLEX ROOM (NEXT TO TEEN ROOM)! :-)
Hermitage Library
3700 James Kay Ln · Hermitage, TN
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