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We are a group of English teachers who provide meetups for Native English teachers who are new to teaching in Hong Kong. During our meetings we talk about the requirements needed to teach in Hong Kong, what wages you may expect, how to teach legally in Hong Kong, where to find the best English teaching jobs in Hong Kong, what to watch out for, how to make sure you are getting paid, how to promote yourself as an English teacher and of course how to expand your network.

Example 1: Let's say you are just starting out teaching in Hong Kong and you have a hard time finding the right teaching job. You come to our meetups and exchange contacts with other English teachers and before you know it, they call you up because they are unable to teach a particular class and are looking for a replacement teacher. One thing leads to another and you are on your way.

Example 2: You are an experienced Native English teacher in Hong Kong and you are only looking to teach an extra 4 hours over the weekend. You join our meetups to discover new teaching ideas or approaches from other teachers which have proven to be successful or to make yourself available for replacing them when necessary.

Does that sound like a good idea to start? Then join us.

As for now, our meetings are free of charge. As spaces are limited we require you to RSVP. We currently can accept up to 9 people per meetup. We try to churn out as many meetups as we can.

Note: If you are not a native English teacher and you are looking for an English teacher, get in touch with us and we will bring you in contact with native English teachers who could be a match for you.

Meetup Language: English

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